The art of marketing is the magical road that companies seek to achieve profits and increase sales, especially in recent times. Marketing has proven its worth over the years to help companies overcome any crisis.

So Muzawed provides you the ultimate guide on the art of marketing and how to manage the right marketing in this article.

The Art of Marketing

The art of marketing can be defined as the right process by which goods and services move from just a product to a basic need of consumers and users. In other words, the art of marketing is a smart process through which people interested in a product or service provided by the company are attracted to know and buy it.

It does this by conducting market research, analysis, and understanding of the ideal customer target for product purchases. In addition, marketing relates to all aspects of the business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, and advertising.

With reference to the concept of the art of marketing from the beginning, we find that the concept of marketing, in general, had formed during the industrial revolution with the beginnings of the eighteenth century and marketing continued as a field that takes new forms and concepts throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth century, as it was affected by social and economic changes that the world witnessed throughout these two Two centuries of time.

As buying and selling of various goods and needs began to become easier and easier, until it came to a surplus in the needs of consumers in the markets, stores and warehouses are now containing goods and products much more than the needs of consumers.

With this situation that reached the market full of goods and products, manufacturers began working on developing their understanding of the needs and requirements of customers and consumers and then developing their products to suit those needs of consumers.

With the increase in competition and the development of the global and local commercial market daily, it pushed the producers to search for new technologies to display, distribute, market and promote their products, and the mechanisms evolved to the point where they reached every product, destination and company to exert their utmost to convince the consumer that the product or service they provide is the best available On the market and better than all competitors.

The Art of Marketing

Marketing Management

It is known that the art of marketing is closely related to companies and institutions in the process of supporting the company’s services and increasing profits and sales. Marketing will raise the rate of sales and profits of the company or project through a set of strategies for marketing management to help increase sales.

Among the most important marketing and sales management strategies, especially in light of the boom of electronic commerce, are the following:

1- Owning a Distinguished Online Store

In light of the technological development of everything, especially in light of the crisis of COVID 19, it is impossible to imagine any business or activity of a company that achieves the required success without a strong presence on the Internet, and the first step to achieving this presence is owning a professional electronic store to display services and products. Everyone has significantly appreciated online shopping rather than going out for health and safety.

2- Appearance in the Google Search Engine

After you get your e-store, now it is the turn for your target customers to find your e-store when searching in search engines, to achieve this first you have to check the viability of this store from a technical point of view.

If you use a professional platform like Expand Card, this part is completely covered. Then comes the role on two types of businesses to find a strong presence in the results of search engines, namely SEO and Google ads

3- Building a Suitable Branding Content Plan

Starting with content, yes, if you want to reach customers correctly, you need to develop a content plan that fits your brand goals before being on social media, to ensure marketing is managed properly and effectively.

4- Being on Social Media

And speaking of correct marketing management, create accounts or pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then work to increase the number of followers permanently and communicate with your customers on a daily basis by posting great content on these pages on a daily and continuous basis.

5- Doing Marketing the Benefits, not the Products

Successful marketing management and also successful selling requires you to explain to your customers how this product can satisfy their needs and solve a specific problem or make something easier, and this is called advantages and it is something that differs greatly from the properties, the properties are just a description of the technical characteristics of the product, but the advantages are explained to the customer How can these characteristics make his life better and easier and that is why people buy the product.

Marketing Management

In the end, after you got to know the art of marketing and how to manage marketing correctly, there is no doubt that you have more and more questions related to marketing management to support your company and increase profits and sales, so do not hesitate to communicate with the provider work team, and do not forget to see the Marketing services of Muzawed in digital marketing, building sites, and online stores, and identify the packages that suit you.