What are social media and its networks? Social media networks or social media are the most widespread means of local and international communication, especially among the new generations.

What do social networks mean and what are the most popular different social media sites? This is what we will learn about in this article.

What is Social Media?

The concept of social media is defined as the mechanism by which a group of people communicates through a certain medium, and in the current modern era, social media sites have become the first tools for modern communication and are defined as various communication tools that depend on the World Wide Web.

Which allows people to interact and communicate with each other, by sharing various information, whether public or personal, and building societies with common points, and among the most famous social media sites are the following sites: Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram

Various communication networks generally refer to websites and mobile applications carefully designed by an elite group of design experts to allow individuals and organizations to quickly and efficiently share content on a large scale, both at the time of its actual occurrence or at a later time, and many people define communication networks as applications on Their smartphones, or smart computers, but the truth is that these high-quality communication tools began with computers, and this misconception stems from the fact that most social media users access social media sites through these applications.

The Most Famous Social Media Websites

Here is a list of the most popular Social Media Websites on the Internet according to 2020 reports:


Facebook is one of the most popular sites and applications in social media sites and is classified as the number one site in the list of the most popular social media sites, due to the number of its users reaching more than 1.69 billion active users on Facebook, and this is one of the largest numbers in social networks.

Its mission is to make the world more open and connected with each other, by linking people and facilitating communication between them. People use this site to create personal profiles, add other users as their friends, and share information with them in many different ways.

Facebook, social media


The number of active Twitter users is more than 321 million active users, as people on this platform communicate through short text texts called tweets or so-called tweets, which are based on the principle of spreading short text texts from the account owner to followers, and some people use Twitter to discover Special people to them.

Discovering exciting companies, and choosing to follow their tweets, and it has the ability to follow hundreds of its users and read their posts with a peek.

Twitter, social media


Instagram is a site or application specially set up for sharing photos and video clips from smartphones of various kinds only, and it is similar to Facebook and Twitter in terms of creating an account on it, the user gains his own profile, and feeds news on his personal page, and when posting a picture or video clip.

Therefore, it will be displayed in the user’s profile, for other users who follow him to see his posts on their own news page, and the posts of other users who have been chosen to follow them can also be seen in a similar way.



Here’s where you can find everything you’ve been looking for since ancient times! Yes, YouTube is a treasure trove for anyone looking for any video for anything, whether educational, entertaining, product review, reviews, previews, etc. Everything you can find on this smart and indispensable platform for our time.

Youtube, social media

Social and Corporate Networks

There is no doubt that most companies around the world are using the most famous social media sites in the e-marketing process for their services and products, some of them do it well, and others do not do it properly to achieve the desired results.

To achieve satisfactory results, the company is required to seek the help of experts in e-marketing and developing companies and institutions.

In the end, after we got acquainted with the concept of social media and the various social networks, let us direct our conversation to the owners of companies and institutions on the need to pay attention to social networks in the digital marketing process and its effective role in achieving profits.

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