What is the product of marketing in general? There is no doubt that marketing, especially digital marketing, constitutes a large part of all industries and sectors. There is no presented commodity that does not need marketing, especially digital marketing, as social networking sites have become the most popular way to reach the majority of customers. So, let’s take a look at the product in marketing and the role of social media in this article.

Product in Marketing

In order to be able to understand the importance of the product in marketing, you must first get to know the basic marketing elements, to be able to understand the nature of the market, how to pricing, where customers are located, the product life cycle, the appropriate promotion channels, and so on.

And how to choose the right timing, and use the appropriate content. For example, when talking about the COVID 19 crisis, you must take into account the content provided appropriate for the current period in order not to incite the audience against your brand or services, especially on various social media sites.

In addition to understanding the different marketing elements and types of e-marketing so that you can choose the right channel in the right way.

Product in Marketing

Elements of the Marketing Mix 7P’s

If you want to master digital marketing skills, you must understand the basic marketing elements. Which is not limited to electronic marketing only, but the marketing of all kinds. Marketing is divided into basic elements called the 7P’s.

In the 1960s, McCarthy invented the 4P’s marketing system, and later on, it was developed as 7P’s. These are divided into product, price, location, promotional method, people, processes, and physical evidence.


The product provided should stem from a desire and need to fulfill the requirements of the customers targeted through your services. And you must determine the position of the product on the market, is it a new or improved product or service?


When moving to prices, they must be linked according to compatibility and proportionality, it is necessary to choose a price commensurate with the nature of your product and the extent of the market’s need and demand for it, taking into account the prices of competitors in the same field.


Here comes the role of choosing the appropriate method of marketing to get to the place of customers. Therefore, you have to segment the market into several segments and layers, and thus each segment has a specific access method.


Your business promotion strategy includes everything that people need to know about you, from your branding and marketing plan to the sales and after-sales stage.


Having the right people (s) in the right place in the company from salespeople to managing director.


In order to be able to properly manage sales, you must know everything about the status of the service provided, from preparation, manufacturing, packaging, storage, etc. to delivery and after-sales services.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is the impression and message you leave on the customer that lasts and becomes an essential part of the purchasing decision later on.

Marketing Mix 7P's

Types of Digital Marketing

The types of electronic marketing differ in the method, but they are consistent with the goal to be achieved, as mastery of it falls under the necessary electronic marketing skills that companies and brands must follow.

Content Marketing

“Content is king,” this is the most famous phrase when talking about content as a type of e-marketing skill, which indicates how important content is in the marketing process for companies and persuasion among customers.

As content marketing is an indirect type of marketing that requires the creation and sharing of visual and written materials on the Internet such as videos, blogs, and posts on social media and on websites, in which the marketing is either direct and promotes the brand, or indirectly with the aim of building a long-term relationship. With the audience.

Email Marketing

Digital marketing is not limited to social media, so if you want to reach a specific segment of people, especially the business segment, position owners, and managers, you must pay attention to marketing through e-mail.

Certainly, this practical segment is more interested in browsing its e-mail than browsing various social media sites, so the possibility of accessing that layer and other layers through e-mail is relatively large compared to how to reach them through social networking sites.

SEO Marketing

Relative to Google’s definition of search engines, SEO is the process of doubling the number of visitors to a specific site by making sure that this site appears among the first in the list of results shown by the search engine when someone searches for something related to this site’s field. Who does not

Social Media

The use of social media has exceeded billions of uses, so no home has a phone with a social media account. Quite simply, social media has become the easiest and fastest way to reduce distances and make the world a small village gathered on one platform.

Especially in the recent period, and with the existence of a global crisis, it obligated everyone to sit at home, social networking sites have become the only way to communicate and to know the news, and believe it or not to work as well. The majority of companies worldwide have abided by the Telework Law to ensure health.

In the end, after you got to know the product in marketing and the general role of digital marketing, especially on various social media sites, it is the turn of choosing the appropriate service source for your brand or your products.

In order to be able to achieve your brand goals through digital marketing, and this is what Muzawed provides through its various services in digital marketing, brand building, and building stores and websites.