What is the field of marketing and why does it take all this interest of companies around the world? Why does marketing appear important in all stages of projects and in creating new products and services? That is, it appears from the birth of the idea to the customer’s purchase of it and the after-sales stage as well.

This means that you need a marketing strategy from the beginning of your business until after its spread in the right market. In this article, learn with us what is marketing and its importance for companies.

What is Field of Marketing

With reference to the field of marketing from the beginning, we find that the field of marketing, in general, had been formed during the industrial revolution at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and marketing continued as a field that took new forms and concepts throughout the eighteenth century until the nineteenth century, as it was affected by the social and economic changes that the world witnessed throughout these two centuries from time.

As the process of buying and shopping for various goods and needs began to become easier and easier, until it came to the emergence of a surplus in the needs of consumers in the markets, stores and warehouses became containing goods and products much more than the needs of consumers.

With this state of affairs that reached the market full of goods and products, manufacturers began to work to develop their understanding of the needs and requirements of customers and consumers and then develop their products in line with those needs of consumers.

With the increase in competition and the daily development of the global and local commercial market, it prompted producers to search for new technologies to display, distribute, market and promote their products, and the mechanisms developed to the extent that they reached every product, destination, and company to do their best in order to convince the consumer that the product or service it provides is the best available. In the market and better than all competitors.

What is Field of Marketing

Types of Marketing

Every product has different consumers and target audiences, therefore, to market a product it is important to know the nature of customers and where the target audience spends their time to properly direct marketing campaigns.

The following are several types of marketing in use today, some of the new and others that have stood the test of time:

Services Marketing: Marketing based on the role of economic activities provided by commercial establishments to consumers and customers, and this includes marketing of curative and health services and community services.
Digital marketing: Digital marketing strategies vary, but ultimately they serve the same goal

Content Marketing

There is a common phrase that is always repeated among marketers and businessmen, which is “Content is king,” and this famous phrase indicates how important content is in the marketing process for companies and persuasion for customers.

The content marketing process is considered an indirect type of marketing and it includes creating and sharing online materials such as videos, blogs, and posts on social media and on websites, which often do not explicitly and directly promote the brand, but rather aims to motivate the audience to pay attention to its products or services.

Email Marketing

If you want to reach a specific segment of people, especially the segment of businessmen, position holders, and managers, you should pay attention to email marketing. Think with me why?
Certainly, this practical segment is more interested in browsing its e-mail than browsing different social media sites, so the possibility of accessing that layer and other layers through e-mail is relatively large compared to the way to reach them through social networking sites.

Marketing through SMM

Who among us does not use social networking sites?

Of course, there is no home in the early 2020s in the area around you and he does not know or use social media sites. Quite simply, it has become the easiest and fastest way to reduce distances and make the world a small village clustered on one platform. Imagine, for example, that you can meet friends from Rome, Italy, while you are in your place, or talk to your friends in Egypt while you are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

So let’s assume that you are the owner of a company or a business. Imagine how much profit will be earned for you in your company when you are able to reach all these potential clients?

SEO Marketing

Relative to Google’s definition of search engines, SEO is the process of doubling the number of visitors to a specific site by making sure that this site appears among the first in the list of results shown by the search engine when someone searches for something related to this site’s field.

At the end of talking about the field of marketing and its types that are most requested and used in commercial establishments, we invite you to learn more about the services of Muzawed in the field of marketing and the various packages offered that aim to serve and support your business.