If you’re interested in Android and Android programming languages either you want to develop Android applications or get one built for your business and want to know more about this technology and mechanism. Either way, this article will answer all the questions you have about Android programming languages.

How to Start Programming 

Learning to code can be a complicated and daunting experience. Most of the time it’s not even clear where to start, but you’ll probably have a slew of questions to answer before you even get started.

If you want to develop Android apps, step one is picking a language. The differences between the various Android programming languages can be a little complex and nuanced. Choosing which one to start with requires an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Top Android Programming Languages

Below are the top android programming languages which are currently used for Android development according to dzone recommendations:


For any mobile app developer around the world, the first and the most preferred programming language for an Android app in Java, one of the reasons being that it’s simply the official language of Android app development, which means it is one of the most supported languages by Google and the one that most apps in the Play Store are built with.

Java itself was developed by Sun Microsystems way back in 1995, and it is used for a wide range of programming applications. Java code is run by a virtual machine, which runs on Android devices and interprets the code.

Java , Android Programming Languages


Kotlin recently burst onto the scene as the “other” official language for Android development. Some speculations suggest that this was likely to raise the language’s profile and that it could possibly become the next Swift.

Just like Java, Kotlin runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It’s also completely interoperable with Java and doesn’t cause any hurdles or increase in the size of the files.

The main difference is that Kotlin requires less “boilerplate” code, which means that it is a more streamlined and easy-to-read system. It also does away with errors like null point exceptions and even excuses you from ending every line with a semicolon.

This is a great programming language if you’re just learning to develop Android apps for the first time.



If you ask me, it’s not really recommended to choose this route to develop an Android app. Android Studio offers support for C/C++ using the Android Native Development Kit. this means you’ll be writing code that doesn’t run on the Java Virtual Machine, but rather runs natively on the device and gives you more control over things like memory.

C++ , Android Programming Languages


C# is basically an easier, purely object-oriented version of C and C+ development by Microsoft. Microsoft’s basic aim was to bring the power of C++ and the ease of Visual Basic, and it reads a little like a simplified version of Java.

Similar to Java, C# is garbage collected, meaning you don’t need to worry about things like memory leaks and freeing up memory yourself.

At the same time, though, C# is more modern than Java with a cleaner syntax — though this may just be my own bias coming through. The best language to develop Android apps often just comes down to taste.


What we learned about C# was an attempt to offer the power of C with the ease of Visual BASIC. That’s because BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is incredibly pleasant to use and an absolutely ideal jumping point for learning to code.

Unfortunately, it isn’t officially supported by Android Studio and you can’t use it in Unity or Xamarin. The good news is that there is a lesser-known option for developing Android apps in BASIC called B4A from Anywhere Software.

This is an acronym for “BASIC 4 Android,” and as you might expect, it lets you code Android apps with BASIC. It’s certainly not the first choice for most programmers who want to develop Android apps, but its always nice to have more options.

BASIC , Android Programming Languages

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