What is e-commerce and why has it become the talk of the hour in the world of trade and entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and the world in general. Especially after the Covid-19 crisis in 2020, trade is making its way faster electronically, so follow this article with us and learn more about what is e-commerce with marketing experts and e-commerce with Muzawed.

What is E-commerce

Ecommerce was introduced nearly 40 years ago in its earliest form. Since then, e-commerce has helped countless companies grow with the help of new technologies, improvements in internet connectivity, added security with payment gateways, and widespread adoption by consumers and businesses.

E-commerce is the sale and purchase of goods (or services) on the Internet. It includes a variety of data, systems, and tools for online buyers and sellers, including mobile shopping and online payment encryption.

Most of the companies with an e-commerce presence use an e-commerce store and e-commerce platform to conduct online marketing and sales activities and oversee logistics and fulfillment.

What is E-commerce

Types of E-commerce

Business to consumer (B2C)

B2C e-commerce includes the transactions that take place between a company and a consumer. B2C is one of the most popular sales models in the e-commerce context. For example, when you buy shoes from an online shoe retailer, it is a company-to-consumer transaction.

Business to business (B2B)

Unlike B2C, B2B e-commerce includes sales made between companies, such as a manufacturer and a wholesaler or retailer. B2B does not confront the consumer and it only happens between companies.

Inter-company sales often focus on raw materials or products that are repackaged before being sold to customers.

Consumer to consumer (C2C)

C2C is one of the oldest forms of e-commerce. Client-to-customer is related to selling products or services among clients. This includes C2C selling relationships, such as those that appear on eBay or Amazon.

Consumer-to-business (C2B)

C2B reflects the traditional e-commerce model, which means that individual consumers make their products or services available to business buyers.

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The Importance of E-commerce for The Current Time

Expanding the multi-field horizon

Establishing an online store gives you an opportunity to expand and open new profit horizons and paths for your products by attracting more customers from all over the world if you want.

Avoid crowding and infection

Far from the shopping crowd, an online store solution appears as an alternative. Although shopping is a pleasure for some, were escaping from the walls of the home or workplace to a journey to fulfill desires or buy needs, the shopping process turns into hell for those who hate crowds, especially on holidays and sales seasons. So online stores are a very good solution!

Providing security in financial transactions

E-commerce guarantees you great security in the current era, unlike the previous commonplace of exposure to electronic scams and fraud

The desire to buy online has developed

In the PayPal Insights Report – E-commerce in the Middle East between 2012 and 2015, PayPal indicated that the volume of e-commerce in the Arab market has doubled in 2011 from $ 7 billion to $ 15 billion in 2015, and if this indicates anything, it indicates an increase in confidence and dependence. The Arab user on the Internet to complete his purchases.

In the end, after you quickly know what e-commerce is and its types, you must choose the right company to work with you to design e-commerce stores professionally and professionally, and this is what you will find with Muzawed with its design and creativity experts in e-commerce store design services.