What is the visual identity and why is it such a big and important aspect of branding? Why do companies spend so much money designing a visual identity for a project or a brand? This is what we will learn about in detail in this article, so follow along with us.

What is Visual Identity

When talking about the purchase decision for any product or service that an entity provides, the eye decides first! Yes, if you want to leave an ideal impression on the audience of your brand or business, you must pay attention to the image of the company, because it is definitely the first thing that meets the customer or, more precisely, the company’s interface, and this is what we call the corporate visual identity. So, get to know us more about the ingredients of any successful visual identity.

Visual identity is defined as the visual aspect of any brand, which companies establish and create, and any identity that includes something visual that expresses your brand such as logo design, fonts, images, color, and any other symbols that you use to communicate your brand messages, and beyond.

This is often to the website, uniforms for employees, administrative staff and workers, business cards, as well as printed materials such as brochures, reports, flyers, banners, product packaging, etc. So to create an identity, create a personality for your brand, and give a distinctive tone of voice to your activity and business.

What is Visual Identity

Elements of Visual Identity

A brand’s identity consists of many elements such as:

Name: The name of the company or project. The name may or may not be mentioned in the design of the visual identity according to the preferences of the company.

Symbol: It is the form that expresses the company’s activity and carries a specific message of the company to the public or customers.

Color: Each identity has a color or group of colors that it expresses, and often there is one primary color and a color subset.

Basics of visual identity colors:

Red: The caffeine and alert symbol attracts attention and helps in speedy decision-making, expressing passion and confidence, and a catalyst for activity, such as YouTube

Blue: A symbol of safety and communication, and a familiar and calm social color that gives an impression of peace, such as Facebook, Twitter.

Green: The symbol of the environment, health and vitality, and a youthful color symbolizing permanent renewal and also indicating safety and quality always like Android.

Yellow: The symbol of intelligence … an interesting and famous color that plays on the psychological factor more like Snapchat and IKEA.

Mauve: A symbol of luxury and comfort, which is more suitable for beauty companies, women, and so on, such as Cadbury.

Black: A symbol of classicism and solemnity, always indicating elegance and mystery.

Basics of visual identity colors

Benefits of Designing a Distinctive Brand Identity

  • Build trust between the target audience of potential clients or existing clients and your service that you provide.
  • Creating a visual identity and slogan that is easy to remember and link to your service in the minds of followers, especially on various social media, which is known as Brand Visibility.
  • Make the visual identity a stand-alone method in the electronic marketing and sales process of your services electronically.
  • Make your brand identity convey your message through a mixture of colors, fonts, and designs that can increase customer interest in your service.

In the end, you must take care to choose the appropriate company to design the visual identity of your brand and implement it in a distinctive way that fits the work presented, to increase your company’s ability to compete in the market.

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