Visual identity and brand design, definitions that you have come across in the field of companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and digital marketing. Many people may think that the brand is limited to the company logo, but the subject is much deeper, so let’s get acquainted in some detail with the brand design and visual identity.

What Is Brand Design

The term brand design is intended to create a visual and written basis for the company and an identity that explains the activity of this company, facility or project in a specific field to become a distinctive brand with a logo, tone of voice and a specific message that it carries to the public, and services it provides in a way that indicates its identity and nature.

Speaking of successful brand design, the term visual identity design and its various elements must be addressed.

What Is Brand Design

What is Visual Identity

When talking about the decision to purchase any product or service that a party provides, Al Ain decides first! Yes, if you want to make an ideal impression on the public of your brand or business, you must pay attention to the image of the company.

because it is definitely the first thing that meets the customer or more precisely it is the front of the company and this is what we call a visual identity for companies. Therefore, get to know us more about the ingredients of any successful visual identity.

Each visual identity is defined as the visual side of any brand, which companies establish and create, and any visual identity that includes something visible expresses your brand such as logo design, fonts, images, color, and any other symbols that you use to communicate your brand messages, and goes beyond It often comes to a website, uniform for employees, staff and administrative staff, business cards, as well as printed materials such as brochures, reports, flyers, banners, product packaging, etc.

So building a brand for your business not only goes beyond the issue of the logo, but also goes beyond creating a visual identity, creating a personality for your brand, and giving a distinctive tone of voice to your business and business.

Elements of visual identity

The brand consists of many elements such as:

Name: The name of the company or project, and the name may be mentioned in the visual identity design or not according to the preferences of the company.

Symbol: It is the form that expresses the activity of the company, and it carries a certain message about the company to the public or the customers who use it.

Color: Each visual identity has a color or color group expressed in it, often one primary color and a sub-color group.

Basics of visual identity colors:

Red: the caffeine symbol and alert. It attracts attention and helps in speeding up the decision
An expression of passion, confidence and a catalyst of activity such as YouTube

Blue: the safety and communication symbol. A familiar, calm social color gives an impression of peace like Facebook, Twitter.

Green: a symbol of the environment, health, and vitality. a youthful color symbolizing permanent renewal. It also always indicates safety and quality like Android.

Yellow: the symbol of intelligence. Eye-catching color and fame that plays on the factor psychological more like Snapchat and IKEA.

Purple: the symbol of luxury and comfort. More suitable for cosmetic and character companies.

Black: the classic and formal symbol. Always indicate elegance and mystery.

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Benefits of brand design and distinctive visual identity:

  • Build trust between the target audience of potential clients or existing clients and your service that you provide.
  • Create a visual identity and logo that is easy to remember and link it to your service in the minds of followers, especially on the various social media, which is known as Brand Visibility.
  • Make visual identity a stand-alone medium in the online marketing and sales process for your services electronically.
  • Have your business identity communicate your message with a mixture of colors, fonts, and designs that can increase customer interest in your service.

What is Visual Identity

At the end of this discussion, you should pay attention to choosing the right company to design your brand and visual identity and implement it in a distinct way that suits the work presented, to increase your company’s ability to compete in the market.

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